Change ahead
Issue 1 2012
Rue Dilhe, the MD of Exel Computer Systems, identifies the areas he thinks are coming to the fore in manufacturing ...  
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The paper family
Issue 6 2011
Mark Cropper is one of the youngest chairmen in one of the UK's oldest companies - James Cropper Paper plc. He answers some questions for Libbie ...  
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Priviledge & responsibility
Issue 5 2011
FedEx is seeing great success from its EarthSmart programme. Beth Galetti sheds some light on the ...  
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Plan of action
Issue 4 2011
Mike Novels, CEO of Preactor International, talks about supply chain thinking and the move towards ‘the ...  
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Gaining an edge
Issue 2 2011
In this Q&A, Matthew Eatough, CEO at buyingTeam, discusses making procurement more relevant to company ...  
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Make or break
Issue 1 2011
In this Q&A, Richard Nixon and Andrew Underwood, business effectiveness partners at KPMG Performance & Technology, speak about issues and trends in ...  
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