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16/06/2008 | Channel: Construction, Business

It is probably not too controversial to say that, in terms of supply chain management (SCM) and collaboration, the construction industry has lagged behind many other sectors over the last decade.

Whilst those operating within manufacturing and retail have focused on this area of their businesses - streamlining their supplier bases, forming close supply relationships and gaining a wide range of related benefits - construction has been relatively slow to embrace these principles.

That is until now.Major UK construction projects like Heathrow Terminal 5 and the 2012 London Olympics have brought SCM into sharp focus, and are driving the need for greater efficiencies throughout the chain. Increasingly organisations working within the construction industry are recognising that a well organised and well managed supply chain can help ensure massive projects like these can be delivered on time and to budget.

In this issue of ESCM, we profile companies from various parts of the construction industry to see how they are working to improve the way they source materials, select and work with suppliers, and stay competitive.

Skills shortages, environmental concerns, rising costs, and health & safety are just some of the major issues that the construction industry is currently being faced with - in all these areas first class supply chain management can provide the answers. Read on to find out moreā€¦