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The logical choice

The logical choice

01/05/2012 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging

Boasting a host of high profile customers, Advanced Supply Chain has spent the last 15 years delivering unrivalled value and cost savings through its innovative techniques and solutions.

With a degree of knowledge, expertise and dynamism that together sets it apart from its competitors, Advanced Supply Chain’s vision is to be the ready-for-sale specialist amongst logistics providers, recognised for providing its customers with real added value through the improving of their profitability. Utilising cutting-edge technology and industry leading know-how, the company works to enhance its customers’ competitiveness, thus creating shared growth.

“Advanced began life as a processor operating in the garment sector back in 1997,” explains chief executive officer, Mike Danby. “In those early years the company learnt a number of valuable lessons, which it later used and referred back to as it moved into different sectors and areas of logistics. In its current form Advanced refers to itself as a supply chain company, the reason being that when it provides services to a customer it is always looking for ways of saving money.”

A fully featured end-to-end supply chain operator, able to handle its customers’ shipments, wherever in the world they may source their goods from, Advanced’s services range from providing international logistics and contract logistics to UK and EU distribution and value added services. In 2008, the company took a further stride when it entered the recruitment sector, a move that was somewhat driven by its dissatisfaction with

the service and cost of existing suppliers. Specialising in driver supply, Advanced Recruitment promotes its awareness of the importance of a rigorous screening process in order to find staff that are competent, committed and reliable.

In part, it is its commitment to creating a more fluid supply chain for all that has brought Advanced such success over a 15 year period: “The company is continuously investing in new ways and means of achieving its goal, and this has been rewarded with average annual growth of between ten and 20 per cent,” Mike continues. “In the last two years alone the company has managed to double its turnover, with this figure expected to double again between now and 2014. By becoming a larger organisation, Advanced has been able to secure work with larger companies, all of which can benefit greatly from the application of Advanced’s techniques.”

Just a few examples of the company’s advanced clients include the likes of ASDA , Debenhams, Go Outdoors, SportsDirect.com, Makro and Matalan. Further to its UK operations, Advanced has agreements in place with the largest logistics provider in China, a partnership that covers what is a hugely lucrative market.

In December 2011, the company officially opened a new warehouse in Corby, North Hants, with it creating 150 new jobs: “What sparked this development was
Advanced signing a contract at the back end of 2011 to provide logistics services to the outdoor retail chain, Go Outdoors,” Mike says. “The new Corby warehouse will act as the distribution hub from which Advanced will provide this customer with the services it requires. Such developments form a central part of the company’s growth strategy, which involves the creation of new facilities that will provide it with greater capacity. The opening of the Corby warehouse is further proof of Advanced’s commitment to following the action wherever it may go.”

Equally as important to the company’s success as its new customers is the renewing of long-standing relationships with some of the retail industries bigger players. One example of this would be the recent contract extension signed with Makro: “Advanced has been working with Makro for a number of years now, growing its business in partnership with it,” Mike says, before revealing a similar development with a major name in fashion retail. “We are currently delivering a supply chain initiative for Matalan whereby Advanced is cutting down distribution costs between China and the UK, so this will really be a win-win for all concerned.”

With predicted turnover for 2012 expected to be in the range of £35 and £40 million, the company is very much focused on both its short and long-term development: “2012 will be the year that sees the company run exclusively off its own IT software and this certainly something that is key to its future growth,” Mike states. “The main reason why the company has worked to create its own end-to-end IT product is that it will allow it to become much more reactive.

“Working in the logistics sector you soon realise that changes occur on a daily basis and by having a bespoke IT solution Advanced will be able to possess the flexibility that will drive its efficiency and accuracy to the next level of optimum quality. Once again this just goes to highlight the focus the company has on applying innovative techniques in order to achieve growth. By the end of 2012, this software system will be fully implemented and lets just say, if Advanced wasn’t already attacking the market, wait until you see what the future holds.”

Advanced Supply Chain
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