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Eye on quality

Eye on quality

02/01/2012 | Channel: Technology, Manufacturing

As a specialist in optronic development and manufacture, Optronic is continuing to drive new applications in industry

The business concept behind the Optronic brand has always been the provision of services that realise the potential of optronics for companies that offer products to the international industrial market. This sustained vision has seen the company become a leading service player within its field offering a range of competitive services designed to complement its customer’s activities throughout the entire life cycle.

The roots of Optronic extend back to 1974 when Aga Geotronics moved production of a newly developed instrument series to Skellefteå, Sweden. Brought by its current owners in 1987, the business became part of a growth-orientated industrial group. Four years later, Sweden’s leading players in the field of optronics were invited to the opening of the Optronic Centre – an ultramodern and tailor-made facility.

More recently in 2007, Optronic was entrusted with a key role in the creation of a new laboratory centre for robust industrial measurement systems, representing another major achievement for the business in industry related research. The company also invested heavily in its production facilities a year later, which hassubsequently doubled its capacity in order to meet with increasing demand.

Broadly speaking, optronics includes optics, electronic, mechanics and software, for use in a wide number of industrial applications. In the years that have followed its foundation, Optronic has played an active role in building up a community in Sweden around a growing futureorientated industry. One notable milestone achieved through these efforts was the company’s involvement in the creation of the industry organisation Swedoptronics.

Over the years Optronic has built up particular expertise in dimension measurement, 3D image processing, spectroscopy, geometric optics, and light sources. In order to secure its position at the forefront of industrially applied optronics, the company has
established close collaborative relationships with optronics related research and educational facilities. In addition to its own involvement in applied research, this gives Optronic’s development projects access to an extensive network of leading specialists. Alongside this it also maintains its own well-equipped optical and electronic laboratories.

In order to be part of its customers’ success, Optronic has devised a range of services addressing everything from development through manufacturing to outsourcing. This enables it to tailor its offering to suit each client’s unique needs. Working in close co-operation with manufacturing and purchasing, Optronic is able to optimise its designs in terms of ability to manufacture and choice of components. The company is able to follow development through from the initial concept and workshopping to prototype manufacturing. Optronic is also able to take responsibility for the cost efficient production of optronic products and related sub-systems in small and medium sized series. Likewise, the company can act as an outsourcing partner offering a shorter time to market and lower development and product costs. By taking care of the phasing in of new product generations, including adjustments, key performance indicators, and analyses of enhancements, Optronic enables its customers to focus on the needs of the market and the next product evolution.

One example of a commercial application of Optronic’s skills is its collaboration with Siemens Laser Analytics. The project required Optronic to play a key role in the development of the optical transmitter and receiver for gas analysers mainly used to measure oxygen levels using laser spectroscopy for the process industry. With the launch of this product, the development of the next gas analyser is already in progress. This includes the possibility of measuring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other types of pollutant gas. Optronic is also looking to participate in the development and manufacture of these systems, working with Siemens AG in Germany and France.

Optronic has also enhanced its partnership with Perten Instruments - a specialist in quality control of grain, flour, food and feed, that encompasses both manufacturing and development. Notably this further strengthens the existing relationship between the two organisations, which has seen Optronic make a vital contribution to the development of two of Perten Instruments’ latest products – the DA7200 and the DA7300. The latter is a market-leading instrument for the real-time analysis of Perten Instruments’ core products such as grain, offering considerable advantages in automatic process control and full traceability of an entire production run.

This is a clear demonstration of Optronic’s commitment to customer relations, and particularly its focus on close co-operation in order to understand their specific needs and requirements. Having long operated out of Skellefteå and Gothenburg, the company is currently focusing on establishing its Stockholm market as part of its research into future markets, and equally new applications in the field of optronics.

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