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Help with rationalisation

04/07/2011 | Channel: Manufacturing

Leading global chemical company, BASF, has selected Barloworld Supply Chain Software’s CAST supply chain modelling product to assist in rationalising its distribution facilities on a Europe-wide scale.

With close to 385 sites worldwide and customers and partners in almost every country, BASF required a solution to optimise its supply chain and enhance operational efficiency.

“We were predominantly looking to streamline our European distribution network across more than 220 sites,” says Markus Bölke, senior manager of European Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting for BASF. “Barloworld SCS presented BASF with CAST, a unique software system, which proved to be the only package we considered capable of producing the results we were looking for.”

Barloworld Supply Chain Software (SCS) has developed its supply chain modelling software, CAST (a powerful, PC based application) to assist with global supply chain modelling, network design and optimisation. CAST is used to evaluate & identify the ‘preferred’ or optimal supply chain configuration and to calculate the total cost to market, leading to cost savings and service improvements.

“Globalisation brings greater complexity to a business, which heightens the need for software capable of considering all components of the supply chain,” explains Ewan French, chief operating officer at Barloworld Supply Chain Software.