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Transporting success

Transporting success

31/05/2010 | Channel: Business

As the leading bus operator for the Walloon region of Belgium, Société Régionale Wallonne Du Transport aims to offer the latest in ticketing solutions

Responsible for the strategic and sales management of five local transport entities in Belgium, Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT or Walloon Regional Transport Company) is a recognised expert in public bus transport. Based in the Walloon province of Belgium, the organisation is second only to regional government ruling and The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Facilities when it comes to the efficient management of local bus services. As the parent concern of the five public transport companies known as TEC (Transport En Commun or Public Transport) Walloon Brabant, TEC Charleroi, TEC Hainaut, TEC Liége-Vervier and TEC Namur-Luxembourg, SRWT co-ordinates and supervises local action to ensure a fully integrated approach to transport in the region. This also includes proposing fare structures and programmes of investment, managing infrastructure and facilities, implementing government policy, as well as developing common actions with regards to policy, promotion and generating economies of scale. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, SRWT manages one of the leading bus service networks in Belgium.

Primarily a bus operator, SRWT also covers the Charleroi tram system that was previously operated under the former Belgian SNCV (vicinal tramway), which was separated into individual entities in 1991 when SRWT was formed. The company’s interests cover the French-speaking part of the country with the TEC’s seven bus lines running into the Brussels region and parts of the city itself, while several De Lijn bus routes serve the Dutch-speaking part of the country. SRWT’s services also occasionally travel into France and Germany, as well as to key airports to offer the utmost in flexibility for its customers.

Indeed, the organisation persistently investigates the efficiency of its ticketing systems and processes to guarantee diversity for its various categories of users and their specific needs. A diversified range of tickets with accordingly different price ranges have been developed to meet customer need with regards to how often they use public transport and their own individual profile. For occasional users or visitors only using the network for one day, the solitary ticket is the ideal solution as it represents the fare for a single trip. As with most common services these tickets are available from the drivers, agents or bus shelters with the ‘go-as-you-please day’ ticket enabling passengers to travel freely as many times as they wish on the entire TEC network for one day.

A more frequent traveller gains benefits from the card formula, which is the equivalent to several tickets that can be paid for in advance of use and validated as and when a journey is made. Not only offering flexibility of use, there is also a significant price advantage in the discount you receive from buying numerous tickets at once. The TEC offers three types of card; the INTER card that enables travellers to purchase several trips in advance at a discount of 15 per cent, INTER% card reserved for children under 12 and those eligible for discount entitling the holder to a 35 per cent discount, and the Urban cards, which offer six different options for city passengers. The CITY card comprises of ten trips for set urban zones, the Charleroi urban card and Liège conurbation cards allow for eight trips in the urban perimeters of the respective regions, while the Verviers conurbation card comprises of ten trips in the Verviers urban region. The Brussels urban and suburban cards offer ten and five trips respectively that are valid for direct or connection trips in the Brussels urban area, while the Leuven urban card includes ten trips and even entitles the holder free connection to the De Lijn network.

Finally, the ‘pass’ is ideal for those utilising the TEC service regularly as it enables passengers to travel as often as they like between the departure and destination zones without restriction on Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays. This solution is made up of two parts - an identification card and validation card that are relevant to age and concessions. In addition, the company’s ticket offering can be supplied in combination with other transport faculties in the region such as the JUMP card in Brussels or the Metro-Tram-Bus card. Dedicated to providing the utmost in flexibility, SRWT also endeavours to facilitate the needs of groups, large families and companies travelling across its routes with discounted prices and efficient forms of ticketing, while it also runs special tailored services for schools and colleges in the local area.

With such a wide range of travelling options and ticketing choice, it is no wonder that SRWT has seen a recent rise in passenger numbers and this increase is set to continue over the coming year. The company persistently reviews prices, promotional strategy and ticketing options to ensure that it not only stays ahead of the pack with regards to travel solutions, but also remains one of the best public transport companies in the country. Its liaison with local government bodies with regards to legislation is constant and the business is hoping to review its contract for another five years in the coming months so that it can continue to provide the premier public service its customers have come to enjoy.

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