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Hauling success

Hauling success

31/05/2010 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging, Manufacturing

Doll Fahrzeugbau is continuing to deliver premier trailer solutions and innovations to its core customer base with the launch of its panther solution

As one of the longest running companies in the industry, Doll Fahrzeugbau’s 130 years of experience is evident throughout its premier ranges of heavy haulage and specialist trailers. The company’s origins date back to its inception in 1878 as a black smith business and it is now in its fourth generation as a familyowned entity. Its expertise stretches across four main operational divisions that service clients throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, include logging transport, heavy and special haulage, mobile systems and ground support equipment, and finally, after-sales services. The organisation’s specialisation lies within the realms of heavy haulage for which it is world-renowned for its comprehensive assortment of platform, low-bed and drop-bed semi trailers, as well as self-steering trailers that are also utilised by the military for their reliability and superior performance.

An impressive integrated network of partners throughout Europe and the world give customers the choice of buying a vehicle both directly and completely from its headquarters in Oppenau, Germany or from a carefully chosen partner. This gives not only the flexibility of German know-how from a local source, but an accompanying after-sales service ensures Doll’s quality is maintained throughout the world. Patrick Spitznagel, head of heavy haulage business unit, highlights the key strengths of the business: “We consider ourselves to be a premium manufacturer that has an unrivalled dedication to quality on both the technical side of the product and its finish. Our heavy haulage trailers are a specialisation utilising our own innovative hydraulic steering technology, while the steel work accuracy and credentials on our telescopic trailers is second-to-none. We are proud of the fact that we hold no stock onsite and every trailer is tailor-made to exact customer specification, while we enjoy a close relationship with our clients as part of our family-based ethos.”

With a dedication to the development of new and innovative technologies that meet the haulage needs of customers throughout the globe, the company’s trailers are able to carry payloads of up to 150 tonnes, while the variety of its offering brings flexibility to loyal clients. Indeed, Doll’s expertise is utilised by a number of international construction and truck companies such as Daimler, as well as an increasing amount of oil field operators, suppliers and service companies. To meet the evolving demand of its ever-expanding market, Doll has recently launched its pioneering ‘panther’ trailer at the Bauma exhibition held in Munich in April this year. This new solution offers a plethora of advantages from the clever invention of the running gear to the increase of payload due to its compact design.
Patrick explains: “The panther gained a really positive reception from both clients and peers alike, and we believe this is because it is a true innovation that incorporates a number of our own designs. Its key attributes include a higher payload and a lower deadweight through the ‘oversizing’ of the frame, while loading height and suspension has been improved by 90 millimetres bringing advantages of being able to get underneath a load, lift it up and then drive away with ease and efficiency. It also has incredible manoeuvrability as the last axle steering angle has been increased by ten degrees up to 55 degrees, making it much easier to handle in narrow situations. Better driving stability is achieved through our own-brand hydraulic suspension, supplied as standard, while water-scale function for unevenly distributed loads and support functions for tyre changing make it incredibly user friendly.”

The concept was conceived by Doll’s own in-house engineers who started the process of development three years ago. However, it was only in spring 2009 that the company had the time to design and build prototypes for testing and subsequently launch the product at the start of 2010. As a result of its success at the exhibition, which is designed to bring together those in the construction machinery, building material machine, mining machine, construction vehicle and equipment sectors, the company already has a significant number of individual orders for this technology.

Though this may be the greatest investment for the company at present, the years 2006 to 2009 also saw the company place an impressive 20 million euros in the improvement of its facilities and the establishment of a completely new factory capability in eastern Germany. The organisation also renewed its components work shop, installed a new final assembly building and has plans to invest in a new paint shop in the coming three years to truly confirm its position at the forefront of the market. Patrick highlights his vision for Doll’s operations in the future: “Our goal is to be in the top three biggest and most successful companies in each of our operational segments. We are already number one in Europe for logging trailers and ground support equipment, but we want to increase our influence in the heavy haulage arena to be regarded as number two in the industry. For us the key to success is technology, and our panther concept has already proved our progress in this area. We expect significant growth from this product in the next few years, especially as it offers so many notable advantages to our clients.”

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