One woman\'s story
One woman\'s story
06/01/2010 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging
Pall-Ex is a winning concept born out of the foresights of Hilary Devey. Truly inspired, Pam Kaur partook a journey with Hilary to learn more about her and the successful business to her name
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 Lessons to be learnt
Lessons to be learnt
07/01/2010 | Channel: Business, Manufacturing
Amit Gupta delves further into the results of Accenture’s recent survey that distinguishes the ‘men’ from the ‘boys’ in supply chain, and the implications of being the latter
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JE StorkAir | Flair for air

JE StorkAir has recently been developing its comfort and ventilation product line in order to further improve the quality of its customers’ indoor climate

Unipart Technology Logistics / BSkyB | A perfect match

Unipart Logistics Technology has further cemented its key partnership with BSkyB after havi ng secured a contract for the maintenance and repair of its set top boxes

Kimberly-Clark | Change for the better

Kimberly-Clark has recently restructured its suply chain in order to further consolidat e its business operati ons and remain strong through challenging economic times

IV Produkt | Air of superiority

By bringing out a new generation of Envistar air-handling units , IV Produkt continues to sit at the forefront of innovation in the ventilation industry