Successful & significant
Issue 8 2010
Amit Chatterjee founded Hara with the intention to use his skills to make a difference. Here he tells the story of the company’s ...  
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Nothing is impossible
Issue 5 2010
Pam Kaur’s quest to find the next rising star to change the face of the industry led her to an inspirational figure, Kathrin ...  
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Beyond average
Issue 4 2010
The recession highlighted many companies’ lack of ability to accurately keep stock of their wares or estimate demand. Pam Kaur speaks to Robert F ...  
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Perfect fit
Issue 3 2010
Pam Kaur was determined to learn more about how when two friends got together, sparks of a new business venture ...  
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One woman's story
Issue 6 2009
Pall-Ex is a winning concept born out of the foresights of Hilary Devey. Truly inspired, Pam Kaur partook a journey with Hilary to learn more about ...  
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Issue 6 2008
A little belief and a lot of determination make up the perfect mixture for the success of Evolution Time Critical. Pam Kaur talks to MD, Brad Brennan ...  
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