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Getting connected

Getting connected

03/09/2009 | Channel: E-Business / IT, Technology

Kymen Puhelin Oy Reima Blomqvist telecommunication equipment

Kymen Puhelin is a private ICT company supplying IT and communication services exclusively to the south east of Finland. The company’s customer base includes both businesses and private citizens and, with over 125 years’ experience, it has established a solid reputation for both customer service and telecommunication expertise. Kymen Puhelin also benefits from being part of Finnish telecommunications group Finnet, a company that consists of 27 locally operating telephone companies and subsidiaries with over 2400 personnel, and an annual turnover of approximately 380 million euros.

The current managing director of Kymen Puhelin is Reima Blomqvist, who took over the position in January after spending several years serving as the Finnet group’s managing director. He discusses his subsidiary’s operations: “The services we offer are very varied, and range from telephony and data communication services, to the distribution of telecommunication equipment. We also provide IT services and document handling systems, and whilst we only cover a relatively small geographical area in Finland, we are the leading provider in this location.”

The area Reima refers to is Kotka, a town located in the Kymenlaakso region of Southern Finland. Covering an area of nearly 1000 square kilometres, the municipality has a population of some 55,000 people – many of whom are customers of Kymen Puhelin. The company’s coverage has gradually expanded from servicing just this region, however, as Reima continues: “We have definitely taken big steps in the past few years, and now our area of operations spans across a population of approximately 350,000. We even work with customers in Helsinki, and also other parts of Finland, if it is needed.”

With such a rich history in the industry, Kymen Puhelin has been able to develop a number of key relationships with important clients, further strengthening its position in the market. Reima elaborates: “We have managed to build excellent connections with our customers over time, and we know exactly what their wants and needs are. In return, they know that we are a reliable supplier that can be trusted, and whilst our competitors offer similar services, we rate top when it comes to understanding the client.”
The company also holds strong relationships with its suppliers, one of which it has worked with for over a hundred years. Despite this, Kymen Puhelin is not limited in its approach when it comes to sourcing new companies to work with, as Remia explains: “This is an industry where technology is forever changing, and there are always new products on the market. We therefore have to ensure that we stay on the edge of this rapid development – which we do by continually developing our supplier base. Whilst we work with our current suppliers both nationally and internationally, we also ensure that our supply network is constantly growing as new companies and fresh products enter the market.”

One such example comes in the form of Kymen Puhelin’s recently launched Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service. This is a system that allows digital television content to be broadcasted across a broadband connection. Reima talks about thisservice: “This technology is unique to our broadband customers, and it allows them to access all their favourite TV channels through that data connection rather than via satellite or terrestrial means. It is quite new to Finland and is therefore generating a lot of curiosity, and because we are the only providers of this service in the area, we believe it will become very popular in the coming months.” Kymen Puhelin’s broadband customers comprise a large part of its client base, as he continues: “Much of our business is dedicated to providing families with cable connections for broadband, and it is important to us that we can offer the best high bandwidth services that can’t be provided through mobile internet connections.”

Such new services are all part of an annual investment of approximately six million euros, and despite the financial downturn, Kymen Puhelin has not curtailed its spending. However, the current economic situation hasn’t left the company wholly unaffected, according to Reima: “We have certainly noticed that our business customers have been particularly careful in where they have been investing in recent months and so we plan to restructure and reorganise our products and services to allow for cheaper alternatives for those who need them, such as new monthly payment options. As long as we continue to put the customer first, we will not lose any business throughout this difficult financial period.”

The company’s current position poises it ideally for the future, and Reima maintains an optimistic outlook for the years to come: “I believe that the technology and internet-based solutions that we provide are going to become increasingly more prominent in the coming years. As the market for basic telephony declines, we need to continue to develop our offerings in the internet fields in order to uphold our strong market position, and remain successful for another 125 years.”

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