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Forward thinking

Forward thinking

03/09/2009 | Channel: Business, E-Business / IT, Technology

Hansaprint’s development of new digital and IT marketing services is key to the company’s future survival

Offering a series of total communication solutions to a range of customers in varying industries, Hansaprint enables clients to market their company in a variety of highly visual applications. Established in 1996, the business was set up as a printing house following a long history of expertise in this area that started with the publication of the Turun Sanomat in Turku in 1905. Over the years Hansaprint has expanded to encompass four sites with three in Finland (Turku, Salo, Vantaa) where its headquarters are based and one in Hungary (Komárom). Serving key clients such as those in major retail, service companies, publishers and industrial companies, makes Hansaprint the leading magazine printer in the Nordic region and the number one service company specialising in comprehensive graphical communication solutions in the Baltic Sea region. The business has developed to hold a plethora of marketing and printing facilities, offering key clients a complete package solution.

Timo Ketonen, has worked in various marketing and sales executive positions in the company for over a decade until he became president and CEO two years ago. He explains Hansaprint’s evolution into diverse marketing strategies: “We were originally a printing services company but over the past few years we have been adding a range of services, with regards to targeted and multichannel marketing, to our portfolio of capabilities. We can now divide our services into three main categories that include; printing services – everything from volume printing such as magazines and direct marketing products such as fliers and catalogues; multichannel and targeted marketing services that involve print and web campaigns to the customer engagement market; and the third area is in marketing services where we actually help the customer to tailor their marketing communications processes and related IT tools to the audience they are aiming to attract.”

Hansaprint has worked with ABB Drives, insurance company IF, Russian customers such as Kommersant, and Sanoma Magazines – one of the leading European publishers, throughout its existence. Most recently the company has won a contract for total multichannel customer communications with a big retail customer in Finland called S Group. This collaboration has been ongoing for many years in relation to printing services, but since spring of this year, Hansaprint has been providing S Group with targeted marketing in terms of producing their customer magazine, direct mail and website developments. “We not only print their customer magazines but also produce their monthly loyal customer mailing including one-to-one bonus
letters and targeted offerings to each loyal customer. Furthermore the multichannel marketing services include the food recipes for the magazine, website and on-line videos for the chef school on the S Channel web site,” he adds.
Timo highlights the organisation’s strengths compared to its competitors: “I think our product offering is beyond what is expected of normal printing houses, which is just printing and logistics. We have entered into additional media and digital marketing services in a big way and I think that gives us a much broader perspective on marketing communications and enables us to take a holistic view that our clients appreciate. We are highly innovative in our approach, constantly trying to find new ways to do targeted and mobile marketing. Furthermore we have a very solid financial base and are listed as an AAA rated company that is highly renowned for our quality standards across the industry. This is especially important in the current economic crisis as, within the printing industry, it is those that are going to be around in two years’ time that get the business now.”

This evolution process of adding services to Hansaprint’s portfolio started in the late 1990s with the expansion from printing to logistics and its related IT services. The organisation added multichannel marketing to its arsenal two years ago following the acquisition of Luovia that is now both a subsidiary and partner in all media related marketing. This acquisition was made as a result of Hansaprint’s foresight into industry changes and consumer behaviour that has developed into a more multichannel formula, moving from hard print into web based and digital service. Timo explains: “Previously consumers had to gain marketing services from a range of different companies - we offer all the printing, digital and IT services under one roof. Clients are increasingly demonstrating the need for a comprehensive service and we are gaining 80 per cent of our customers from this provision.”

Hansaprint’s future is set for further progression with the company’s development in regards to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that sees huge potential for hybrid media. This advancement has been made over the past two years as part of an industry partnership and the launch of a new system, which incorporates instant access to services and offerings through a tag system on printed matter. There is no doubt that the marketing industry has been hard hit by the economic crisis, especially as companies cut their marketing budgets to save costs.

However, Timo believes the company will remain successful over the coming years: “Our vision is to actually grow in the development of our new services. In printing itself we find it is a matter of survival at the moment, but in new service development we see quite a growth opportunity.”

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