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03/06/2009 | Channel: Construction, Manufacturing

Lindner offers individuality and innovation in high quality façades and interior fit-out projects, from planning to completion

Based in London, Lindner plc specialises in interior finishing on construction projects and is part of the leading European fit-out and façade construction company, the Lindner Group. Boasting over 40 years’ experience in the development and implementation of individual, high quality project solutions, the Group manages production plants and subsidiary companies in more than 20 countries from its head office in Arnstorf, Germany.

Managing director for the UK operation, Ian Sawyer, elaborates on the Lindner Group’s credentials: “We’re one of the largest interior products companies in Europe, being represented in pretty much all of the European countries, as well as in the Middle East, China – where we have a manufacturing facility – and the US. We employ more than 5000 people and turnover more than 700 million euros. Our biggest market is our home country, Germany, although the UK market is significant for us and we’re strong in the Scandinavian countries at the moment; it varies over time, but predominantly Western Europe is where we’re most active.”

Describing what Lindner plc can offer, Ian adds: “We design, manufacture and install. Our R&D department is over 100-strong and that includes more than 60 CAD technicians. We also have our own product development facilities, which is a part of the company where staff develop ideas for projects or products and carry out tests to work out the best way to manufacture or install those products. This facility is key to developing unique solutions for our clients.”

The business, which boasts a stellar reputation as well as long-held experience, has been able to attract high profile clients, as Ian reveals: “In the UK, we have been present for more than four decades. Lindner originally bought into the company in the mid-1980s and then acquired the whole company shortly afterwards. Though we have had our ups and downs in the market, we’ve undertaken numerous prestigious projects in the UK, such as Terminal 5 and the new Wembley Stadium; Terminal 5, with the façades, was worth £80 million and Wembley Stadium £13 million. At Canary Wharf we have completed six lobby fit-outs in total and more recently we have fitted out two lobbies at Bishopsgate for British Land.

“The façade division has been one of our most recent developments, arising through the acquisition of Schmidlin in the UK and we have now created a purpose-built factory for this division. In terms of new contracts, we recently secured the wall linings for T5C and the group, with its partner Imtech, has been awarded a 200 million euro deal for the renovation of Deutsche Bank’s offices in Frankfurt, which Lindner had already stripped out. Here we will demonstrate our green credentials.

“Together with our partner, Depa, in the Middle East, we are fitting out the metro stations for the Dubai Metro and that project is worth in the region of
£60 million. We have always had the long-term goal to become more involved with complete fit-out projects – a natural step as we excel at multi-product projects incorporating ceilings, walls and floors but in the longer term we need to follow the model set out by our German parent company, and that is to undertake our own full fit-out projects.”
Besides concentrating on attracting business, Lindner never fails to pay attention to its environmental commitments and uses only ecologically tested, suitable materials. Its ISO 14001 environmental management system ensures that energy consumption, emissions and waste are reduced in its production facilities and on its construction sites. “The concept of sustainability and environmental management is very important to us as a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGMB), which is the German equivalent of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED),” Ian explains. “We’re also a member of LEED in the US. Indeed we haveone flooring product that is made from 98 per cent recycled materials. For the Deutsche Bank project we will hopefully achieve a platinum award under the LEED system and we have already recycled virtually everything that we took out during the dismantling phase.”

And this is not the only accolade that Lindner plc has its eye on, having entered the Association of Interior Specialist Awards 2009, which is being held in June, the business was one of seven companies shortlisted for Specialist Contractor of the Year by Building Magazine whilst also having supplied a one-off custom ceiling ukfor the Cathedral of Christ the Light project in Oakland, California, which received CISCA’s Construction Excellence award in two categories and the American Institute of Architects Honor Award.

Fortunately for Lindner plc, the business has the strength of being financially sound, which is particularly pertinent at present, owing to the global economic downturn. Commenting, Ian says: “We’re financially strong as we have no borrowings hanging over us – we’re completely funded by internal money. The Lindner family is very prevalent in the business providing it the stability, which has been part of its long-term success. Of course, we’re being hit worse in the UK than in Germany as the credit crisis has severely affected the construction industry in the UK but we have reduced our turnover ambitions in line with this. It means we have to be realistic about what we can achieve in a difficult market.”

Nevertheless, Ian is optimistic about the future, partly because Lindner is a diversified organisation and partly due to the fact the UK business has been very profitable in recent years. “The fortunate thing about Lindner as a company is that it is international so while conditions are tough in the UK, this isn’t as much of a problem elsewhere,” concludes Ian. “As a group, we’ll comfortably see this year through. We have been very successful over the last five years in the UK – the company has grown stronger and stronger. Consequently, we’re confident we can see our way through the crisis and be ready for when the market returns to its former state.”

Lindner Plc

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