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    The best armour

    31/07/2006 | Channel: Manufacturing

    Infor has announced that the South Africa business of BAE Systems, Land Systems OMC, a leading manufacturer of mine protected and armoured vehicles, has selected an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to improve product design and production efficiency.

    Infor ERP LN and Infor PLM 8 will help to provide more accurate product configuration, reducing the costly need to retrofit products and resulting in better service and faster delivery times for customers.

    Infor was chosen for its deep understanding of the manufacturing and defence industries and its ability to meet Land Systems OMC’s specific needs for an integrated solution that encompassed conceptualisation, design, development, manufacture, production, re-manufacture and global in-service support.

    “Infor’s people showed a depth of knowledge and experience, which was a key factor in our selection,” comments Gert Pretorius, engineering and business improvements director, BAE Systems Land Systems OMC.