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01/12/2008 | Channel: Engineering, Logistics / Packaging

Amidst economic concerns, Silotech KFT is confident of its future prospects

Hungarian company, Silotech KFT, specialises in manufacturing and installing bespoke silos and is engaged in the distribution of machines and appliances. Established just over ten years ago, in 1997, Silotech KFT operates in numerous industries ranging from power plants and cement factories to zeolite and alumina handling. The company’s products and services include safety devices for silos, rotary valves, wear-resisting pipes, pneumatic conveying system, dust extractors, screw conveyors, JET-loaders and silo discharging units. Silotech KFT’s managing director, Tamás Mátyás elaborates: “Our key activities involve working together with various companies, mainly based in Hungary, giving technical support to challenging projects.”

Silotech KFT, amongst other services, distributes Stanelle, FDI (France) and PAM A/S (Denmark). The German based company Stanelle, offers solutions in silo technology and automation, covering areas such as de-dusting, shut-off valves, unloading and filling. One of its products is the innovative Flow-Bow elbow. The elbow-shaped device serves to deflect dry, non-clogging bulk materials with a highly wear-resistant system around corners in dense-phase material conveying system. It can be applied in many diverse areas from powdery and splintery materials to highly abrasive bulk materials, such as quartz sand or dolomite. Through its original design and highly durable cast steel safeguard, the Flow-Bow guarantees extremely smooth and reliable running of bulk materials. Stanelle boasts cutting-edge and affordable silo technology that will help companies to outperform its competition by optimising productivity, cutting costs and protecting the environment.

With approximately ten employees, Silotech KFT is relatively small. However Tamás regards this as an advantage: “We are exceptionally flexible in being such a small company and therefore have the ability to change main constructions, should the need arise. We provide adaptable services, together with our suppliers, presenting fast, reliable solutions that accommodate the varying needs of our customers.”

Tamás continues, highlighting Silotech’s key customers: “Our first, most important client is a company that specialises in making alumina products, named MAL Zrt, closely followed by a company called Saint-Gobain Weber Terranova. We are also currently proposing to supply the biggest power plant in Hungary, named ME Zrt. Customer co-operation is a main concern of ours. We endeavour to give our main companies updated information about any new items and inform them of proposed improvements within the corporation for the future.

“As with most companies, we have a long-term connection with our customers and find that when looking to expand our client base the most effective means is a satisfied customer’s word of mouth, allowing our name to be passed from company to company. As our area of expertise is particularly specialist, we find this more effective than advertising,” Tamás explains. Silotech KFT equally maintains long-standing relationships with its suppliers, some of which have been exclusively represented by the company since it was established.

Tamás clarifies the fields the company specialises in: “Currently 30 per cent of our business involves exporting, while the rest is dealt with in Hungary. Our activities cover a variety of mechanical appliances, machinery and mechanical engineering, but at present our main market deals with power plants. We have a big project in Romania, dealing with power plants in Rovinari and Craiova II in Romania. We currently are working together with the large company GEA EGI and due to previous collaborative projects, we are now involved in the execution of dense slurry mixing technology.”

Following this, Tamás discusses where he sees the business going in the coming years and ways in which it plans to grow within the industry: “As the Hungarian market is relatively limited, mainly due to the country itself being small, we would like to see the business expand more in Romania and worldwide. We intend on strengthening our existing contacts, aiming to fortify long-term relationships by maximising the support and assistance we provide. By fulfilling our key companies’ requirements, we expect interest from other companies where we will be able to increase our client base, extending our business in the future.”

Despite the current conditions of the economy, Silotech KFT is standing well in its field and is looking forward eagerly to the next phase of development, continuing to cover a wide range of market sectors. As with all companies in this particular industry, Silotech KFT, though facing similar challenges, prevails however in comparison to others in being a business that specialises in a specific type of product. Tamás explains: “In the past two years, activity has increased significantly. Amidst economic concern, we envision future prospects to expand and improve further. As our business is concerned with work in a very specialist area, our competitors at present are few - fulfilling this niche where others have not is a key factor to our continued success.” Constantly demonstrating flexibility, commitment and excellence, Silotech KFT will continue to provide quality services and equipment, enhancing its opportunities in forthcoming years.

Silotech KFT
Employees: Ten
Services: Distribution of mechanical appliances and machines