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Swede dreams

01/12/2008 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging

DHL Exel Supply Chain is the largest supply chain management provider in Sweden, serving a range of industries with its expert logistical knowledge

Established in 1935 as part of ASG, Sweden’s premier supplier of consumer and third party logistics is now known as DHL Exel Supply Chain Sweden AB and is one of the four main divisions of the global logistics company DHL. DHL Exel Supply Chain Sweden AB employs 1400 people, including temporary workforce, generates an annual turnover of 142 million euros and operate in excess of 400,000 m2 of warehouse space – placing it at the forefront of the Swedish logistics industry.

Mikael Jinglöv, commercial director of the DHL Exel Supply Chain, tells European Supply Chain Management about the company’s capabilities: “There are four main areas within DHL; DHL Express, DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Exel Supply Chain, which is essentially contract logistics and industry solutions. We provide customers with supply chain management solutions including warehousing, distribution, LLP and a wide range of value-added services, and we produce tailor-made solutions. Our main areas in Sweden comprise of work with the automotive, industrial, healthcare, retail, fashion, consumer and technology industries.”

DHL Exel Supply Chain Sweden AB is the dominant third party logistic provider in Sweden and is currently in the process of opening a new facility in a town called Jönköping. It is a large venture, like many of our other facilities in Sweden, spanning approximately 85,000 square metres. “We focus our energies in the middle, south and mid-west of Sweden, and we continuously improve our infrastructure coverage.”

DHL Exel Supply Chain works with its clients and logistics partners to create the perfect solution for its customers. Supply chain planning typically covers production, sourcing and procurement, demand and supply planning; logistics network design, inventory optimisation, supply chain visibility and data management. Good management design is essential for effective logistics operations and DHL Exel Supply Chain has an international reputation for producing innovative solutions.


Mikael identifies the strengths that maintain DHL Exel Supply Chain’s leading position: “I think it’s the breadth of clients we have. We are well balanced and have a lot of experience in terms of the sectors we work in and the services we can provide. We also have good geographical coverage in Sweden, backed up by excellent transport and distribution networks. On top of this, we work very hard to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry. We find the implementation of new projects and process improvement within existing operations of extreme importance. The focus for us in the way we’ve set up our operations is in creating multi-user sites, enabling us to bring a number of clients together, giving the benefit of scale when it comes to warehousing and transportation. Moreover, in line with our First Choice Program we want to lead the logistics industry going forward through innovation, quality, productivity, employee opportunity and social responsibility to make the most of our scale, experience and passion. Our aim is become our customers’ and our employees’ First Choice.”

With the global economic crisis starting to take its toll on a number of industries, Mikael reflects on the industry conditions. “The main challenge for everyone at the moment is the financial crisis. However, I think the market conditions are good; I believe that Sweden and the Nordics are in line with the rest of Europe and we are driven by development. We overcome these challenges by investing in the training and development of our employees, and we find promoting from within to be important. We also have a programme linked with university trainees.

“Looking at competition, our main success goes back to our multi-user campus solution that brings clients together under one roof in order to make our facilities as economic as possible. We also work closely with our clients, and have a strong focus on process improvements, because our main goal is to provide a high quality service.”

With its comprehensive supply chain network of third party and consumer logistics and its ability to track the flow of goods and information from source, through warehousing and distribution centres, to retailers, wholesalers and business premises, DHL Exel Supply Chain Sweden AB’s key understanding of this complex process ensures it will remain successful in the future.

“We are seeing aesthetic growth within our business unit, both in terms of the business itself, retaining existing clients and developing with them, as well as having a strong number of enquiries and projects in the pipeline,” Mikael concludes. “We have a steady long-term vision to keep going forward, to continue our leading position in the Swedish logistics industry, focusing on the quality and continuous improvement of our services. We strive to be at the forefront of product development and innovation, whilst maintaining our scale advantages by creating multi-user infrastructures across Sweden.”

DHL Exel Supply Chain Sweden AB
Employees: 1150
Services: Logistics and supply chain management