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Handling all needs

Handling all needs

31/07/2006 | Channel: Technology

The newly-launched GS100 family of entry-level case palletisers - designed and manufactured by FKI Logistex - are ideally-suited for companies switching from manual to fully automatic handling and for use in larger, multi-line packaging operations where highspeed palletising is not cost-effective.

A global leader in integrated material handling solutions, FKI Logistex has developed its new GS100 range to run at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute. The robustly engineered equipment can be used in a wide range of sectors including food, beverage, consumer goods, and general manufacturing. It offers the same
flexibility and reliability that have become the trademarks of the FKI Logistex industry-leading mid and highspeed palletisers. The GS100 series includes three models covering a complete range of pallet-handling options.

“The launch of the GS100 series is a testament to our ongoing commitment to material handling equipment innovation, and our reputation for effective palletising solutions,” says Jerry Woodhouse, MD, FKI Logistex Europe. “By any measure, there is no other material handling company providing such a broad a range of equipment choices as FKI Logistex.”