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A new identity

A new identity

30/11/2006 | Channel: Shipping

Samskip is the operator of Europe's largest multimodal container logistics system

Employing approximately 1400 people across more than 20 countries worldwide, Samskip is a truly international company offering transport and related services by land, sea and air. Since being founded in Iceland in 1990, Samskip has experienced steady growth - both organically and through strategic acquisitions - opened offices worldwide and broadened its service portfolio.

Today, Samskip is one of the largest container transport companies in Europe, offering multimodal container logistics and extensive container services to and from Iceland and the Faroe Islands, along with refrigerated cargo logistics and international forwarding around the world.

Through its offices in Iceland, the UK, mainland Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic region, the US and Asia, Samskip offers customers an efficient transport network supported by a global network of agents and strategic partners. Samskip is active within three core businesses:
  • Multimodal Container Logistics
  • Iceland and Faroe Islands services
  • Worldwide Reefer Logistics
These core businesses are supported by warehouses and reefer centres in all Samskip's major ports, offering possibilities for storage, stock control and local distribution.

Centered around Samskip's Rotterdam office, in terms of both management and operations, the Multimodal Container Logistics division offers extensive services throughout the continent, and everincreasing geographical coverage.

Time, cost and destination all play a part in the choice of transport used for cargo movement. Fast transit times are guaranteed by choosing the optimum geographical routing from a wide variety of ports. A diverse range of routing options utilising road, rail, sea and inland waterways, provides the best combination of rate and transit time to suit individual customers’ requirements and preferences.

The high frequency of sailings, the coverage of the multimodal system and the 33-pallet-capacity containers ensure a very competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. The Samskip multimodal system now has equipment ranging from 20ft to 45ft pallet-wide high cube containers, including reefer, curtain-siders and flat-racks and 27 vessels, including two new ships: the Samskip Pioneer and Samskip Courier.

Following two major acquisitions in 2005, the Multimodal Container Logistics business unit is now stronger and more widespread than ever before. This move has brought together the skills, expertise and coverage of Samskip; Geest North Sea Line, a well respected transport company with extensive networks across Europe; and British Seawheel, a long-established shortsea shipping operator.

In 2005 Samskip also acquired reefer centres from the Dutch company Kloosterboer, increasing cold storage capacity to 90,000 tons and providing comprehensive services to customers Previously, Samskip had acquired Van Dieren Maritime and a 40 per cent share in Silver Sea.

These acquisitions have led to the creation of the largest multimodal transportation network in Europe and beyond. As a direct result, Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics can focus on providing door-to-door container services throughout most of Europe, utilising whichever transport mode is appropriate for the needs of its customers.

Following this string of acquisitions and additions to the organisation, the decision was taken this year to combine all of Samskip’s global activities under one brand. This strategy came into effect at the end of September and saw the phasing out of the Geest North Sea Line and Seawheel names. A new distinctive corporate identity was introduced at the same time and is being applied to all new ships, buildings, vehicles and equipment owned or operated by Samskip.

Announcing this news, Samskip CEO Michael F Hassing stated: “This is an exciting day for the company and its staff. With the new corporate identity, Samskip’s diverse activities are being united and we will go forward as one company with one brand and one system. Every employee of Samskip will be part of the same team and will have full access to the global resources of the company.”

In conjunction with these latest changes, Samskip executives have been working systematically on a new development strategy for the company. This will seek to maximise the benefits achievable through fully utilising the skills, talent and experience of the many employees working for Samskip around the world.

The additions to Samskip over recent years have not only affected the Multimodal Container Logistics business unit, but have also brought significant benefits to the entire organisation.

Samskip is now active not only in Europe but in Asia and the Americas. Building on its traditional Icelandic skills relating to the storage and transportation of seafood products, it has expanded internationally. Its Reefer Logistics business is showing strong growth in Asia where it has offices in China, Vietnam and South Korea and the company has recently opened two offices in Brazil as it broadens its cold chain logistics activities to embrace the transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In Europe, its temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution activities have grown both organically and through acquisition with Iceland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands being important hubs for this market.

Concluding, Michael Hassing outlines the purpose of these developments across the business: “We want to shape a strong ambitious company, a leader in the global transport market, yet one that maintains the close personal relationships that we know our customers appreciate.”

Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics
Employees: 1400 in Samskip group
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