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Dedicated to detail

Dedicated to detail

01/05/2012 | Channel: Manufacturing

Although celebrating its 75th anniversary, Apex Linvar remains very much a dynamic company, utilising a modern thinking approach to business

Boasting 75 years of experience when it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of storage and handling solutions, and a broad customer base including the likes of River Island, Dunlop-Goodyear, P&O Ferries, Marks & Spencer, Great Bear and Tesco, Apex Linvar prides itself on the professional services it provides its customers , regardless of their size.

“The company in its current form was acquired back in December 2010 from the LINPAC Group along with a number of other companies that still work independently,” explains Anthony Finlayson-Green, chief executive officer of Apex Linvar. “Based at its purpose built site in Milton Keynes since 1988, the company has worked extremely hard to establish a reputation for the quality manufacturing of pallet racking and shelving that is used in general warehousing and distribution centres throughout the UK and in Europe.”

As a UK-based manufacturer, Apex Linvar not only possesses the ability to produce high quality products, it is also able to guarantee its customers a rapid response to their requirements. These are just a few of the company’s unique selling points which also include having a flat and flexible structure, long-serving, experienced and knowledgeable staff and a strong financial position that allows it to continuously invest in the future development of the business.

“What the company has done to date, in order to publicise these and other strengths of Apex Linvar, is leverage on the UK market, trade shows, exhibitions and using the media to really raise its profile and get the word out there about what exactly it specialises in,” Anthony continues. “What has long been a key focus for the company is the emphasis on its British roots. The simple fact is that Apex Linvar is one of only two racking solution providers that manufactures here in the UK the only one that exclusively manufactures its product in the UK and its standing within the British manufacturing sector has always remained excellent. In a year in which the country celebrates both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and its hosting of the Olympic Games, one can definitely see there is an increased level of pride being taken in flying the British flag and this can only be good for the company.”

One of the more recent solutions to be launched by the business, unveiled at the Logistics Link South event, is its new range of dynamic, textile based mobile shelving products that bolt-on to pallet racking, dubbed SpeedCell. Consisting of vertical columns made from technical textiles, each of which contains multiple shelves, SpeedCell is designed to work as an add-on to traditional racking, transforming the lower floor of pallet racking into a fast hand-picking area. What this system also does is eliminate dead space to the rear of racking and utilise flue space, while its thinner, reinforced shelves provide impressive storage density.

“What is important to recognise is that whilst Apex Linvar is a manufacturer of certain products, it is just as happy to partner with other individuals and companies that wish to bring something to market in the UK and Europe in this case a fabric business in America,” Anthony says. “The SpeedCell is a product unlike any other that has been available up until now in the UK market and has been met with rave reviews and phenomenal uptake and interest, particularly from existing and potential customers in the retail sector.

“As one can imagine there is a constant degree of ongoing product development always taking place within Apex Linvar. The Meta shelving product is another area of European collaboration. One of the other areas where it has gained a particularly strong reputation is in the application of its solutions within the food industry. Innovations such as SpeedCell are perfect for use in settings such as back-of-store production kitchens and have could also be adopted by aviation catering providers, showcasing how, in the pursuit of growth, the company has also taken to identifying market segments that it traditionally hasn’t been a part of.”

Always known for its customer focused approach, the last several years have seen this become an ever more important facet of the company as it enters new markets both at home and abroad: “Because Apex Linvar provides the solutions it does, it is able to partner with a number of other business and it is this that has lead many people to see the company as a lot more than just an engineering manufacturer,” Anthony highlights. “While the market as a whole is likely to remain challenging there are definitely opportunities out there as Apex Linvar has proven with the winning of contracts such as that with River Island, a complex multi-million pound project off the M1 in Milton Keynes.”

Presenting the company as a solution provider with manufacturing capabilities is something that is clearly driving the business forward and helping it to achieve its target of growing by some 25 per cent year-on-year: “There really are some very strong aspects of the company that may not be as well known as they could be and the job of Apex Linvar now is to bring out the potential in these areas,” Anthony enthuses. “At the heart of the company is what it calls its normal national sales segment, yet just as important are things like Storage Direct, the company’s online and paper catalogue, and its network of distributor partners, whose sales make up around 28 per cent of Apex Linvar’s business.

“Adding all these segments together, and taking into Linvaraccount the success of its recent products, solutions and various projects, it is clear to see that as 2012 continues there are a great number of aspects of the company that are cause for great excitement.”

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