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Taking care of business

Taking care of business

01/05/2012 | Channel: Manufacturing

As europe's leading producer of hospital beds, >inet's dedication ton innovation has seen it tontribute to improved healthcare in more than 100 countries

“The last several years have been quite a dynamic time for LINET, mainly when it comes to its growth internationally,” explains executive director, Tomas Kolar. “Besides managing to continuously expand awareness of the business in key markets such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America, something that is best reflected in the year-on-year increase of its export turnover, it has also successfully entered the highly competitive US market through the founding of its North Carolina-based subsidiary.

“Towards the end of 2011 the company also stepped into India with the assistance of a leading local furniture provider, however the most significant development in recent times as it relates to LINET’s business activities was the founding of LINET Group SE in the Netherlands. Set up upon the joining of LINET and its long-standing business partner, Wissner-Bosserhoff, Germany’s leading hospital and nursery bed producer, the goal of this holding is to optimise flexibility, quality and speed in all dimensions of LINET’s go-to-market approach. It is also tasked with setting proper conditions that will allow LINET to strengthen its position as a market-leading organisation. LINET Group SE represents the most important step in the company’s history, one that rounds out its efforts to become one of the world’s foremost providers of healthcare bed solutions.”

LINET was formed on the premise of creating healthcare products and equipment that were innovative and original, initially to deal with the company’s domestic market in the Czech Republic. However, the strength and quality of LINET’s hospital care beds, mattresses, and furniture has expanded the demand across international markets. The demands of the Czech market ensured that LINET produced customer-orientated products, working closely with doctors and nurses to develop solutions that were specific to the needs of hospitals and patients.

One of the first products manufactured by the company’s Prague facility was the Motol bed, designed along strict parameters set out by the Faculty Hospital in Prague. However, it was with the launch of the award-winning Multicare and Eleganza beds that the company received widespread recognition for the quality and bespoke nature of its products. The revolutionary feature was a two-column construction that was gradually adopted by LINET’s competitors, becoming the standard design of hospital beds.

Despite its obvious progress in taking its business forward business conditions in Europe, where the health sector is particularly dependent upon public funding, have admittedly become more complicated as a result of the ongoing financial difficulties. Nevertheless, thanks to the company’s successful strategy to focus more on those opportunities that present themselves in developing markets, LINET has managed to overcome this challenge.

“What is also to its advantage is the growing demand for highly sophisticated, innovative products, something that has not been too affected by macroeconomic factors. LINET’s ability to meet demand in this field represents a major part of its core strategy,” Tomas continues. “For example, in 2011 the company introduced, to huge success, its Vital Monitor system, a solution for wirelessly monitoring a patients’ vital functions like their heart rate that is integrated directly into the bed construction.

“Utilising new technologies and their possibilities for use in its product development process is a cornerstone of LINET’s philosophy and business strategy. The company invests intensively in projects that are focused towards innovations that it considers being crucial to achieving long-term future success. Meanwhile, LINET also co-operates with top hospitals in order to secure immediate customer feedback. This approached has enabled it to perfect the way it makes products with high technological and practical value, both in terms of ergonomics and patients’ and staff safety.”

Arguably, the secret behind the company’s success is its strong commitment to identifying new, innovative, more effective technologies and its ability to develop,tailor-made, customer-focused solutions upon these technologies: “Although it may appear that aesthetic values have become somewhat redundant in the healthcare sector, LINET continues to work in close co-operation with elite industry designers,” Tomas says. “From its own experience, this combination of first-class quality and exceptional design engineering is one of the main reasons why clients keep coming back to LINET. What the company also ensures is that it closely analyses its, and its competitors, mistakes, learning from them so that it can make quicker, more flexible and better judged decisions in the future.”

At the beginning of April 2012, it was announced by the company that it had officially received the Innovative Technology Agreement from American organisation, Novation. This development means that the company has joined the ranks of respected suppliers to the largest healthcare technology purchasing organisation in the US: “By virtue of the award, LINET has received a three-year membership to Novation’s Innovative Technology programme,” Tomas highlights. “Thanks to this partnership LINET has now been able to open the door to more than 2500 potential customers. It trusts that this will not only help generate new opportunities, but also strengthen brand awareness among the professional community.”

Current European demographic statistics across the vast majority of developed and developing countries show one clear trend, the average population age is increasing with more and more people living longer. It is abundantly clear to Tomas that it is this factor that will be the main source of what will be continuous growth in demand for LINET and its solutions: “As traditional healthcare business models change, related services are undoubtedly going to become more and more of use throughout Europe, and this is definitely the segment in which the company wants to achieve the same position it has now in the market for sophisticated intensive care beds. The company’s strategic alliance with Wissner-Bosserhoff, a business with extensive experience in this sector, along with its own proven ability to bring state-of-the-art innovations to market, places LINET in an excellent position to achieve this goal.”

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