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More unpredictability to come

More unpredictability to come

01/05/2012 | Channel: Technology, E-Business / IT

Global supply chain optimisation provider, Manhattan Associates, Inc. is forecasting that supply chains will continue to be exposed to a growing set of unpredictable influences in 2012.

Cost will remain a core issue for most organisations, along with increased supply chain risk, which calls for better contingency planning, greater agility in the supply chain and wider use of technology.

“An organisation’s supply chain operates within an increasingly complex and dynamic world, but can become a key source of competitive advantage, as well as an enabler for business growth if managed correctly,” said Craig Sears-Black, UK managing director at Manhattan Associates. “Supply chains in 2012 are required to be increasingly flexible, scalable and agile to address more and more specific market requirements across a wider number of channels and geographies. This is essential to ensure companies can maximise sales at every opportunity, make their extended supply chains as efficient as possible and protect the organisation’s brand equity.”

Manhattan Associates has identified eight top trends that are set to influence the supply chain scene in the UK in 2012 - for more information, visit: www.manh.com