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Improved customer service

Improved customer service

01/05/2012 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging

GT Nexus has announced that it had been selected by SEKO Logistics to provide a cloud-based technology platform for the logistics industry leader.

The platform will augment existing systems by automating logistics execution processes between SEKO and its network of global transportation carriers.

“We have made technology excellence a cornerstone of our strategy,” said Bill Wascher, CEO at SEKO. “In global logistics, you need to have a network vision for interacting with your partners. We believe cloud represents the future of business to business technology and selected GT Nexus to help us get there.”

“We are thrilled to add SEKO to the community of logistics providers who are on GT Nexus driving value to their customers,” said John Urban, president of GT Nexus. “The SEKO team has a strong technology capability in place that GT Nexus will support. By tapping into our network, they extend their IT systems into the cloud, alongside the world’s biggest shippers and logistics providers.”

The platform will serve as an interface between SEKO systems and their global carriers. It will support transactional business processes in freight execution, documentation and shipment tracking. In addition to significant operational efficiencies, the platform will help SEKO eliminate documentation fees, reduce customer inventory safety stock and improve execution velocity at the operational level.