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Need for fine-tuning

01/05/2012 | Channel: Manufacturing

A new survey commissioned by DHL Supply Chain has revealed UK manufacturers’ priorities for further improvement in their supply chain.

Although just one per cent of respondents outsource inventory management processes, 30 per cent recognise it as an area of their supply chain that needs improving. Similarly, only 13 per cent outsource their warehousing and storage, yet 16 per cent feel it needs improving.

The survey exposes a lack of awareness about where supply chain efficiencies can be generated, with only 54 per cent expecting it to have a significant impact on the profit growth of their business.

One respondent to the survey said: “Supplier Management has been the key challenge for us. We agree in board meetings that we need to improve our supply chain, but unfortunately it is always last on the priority list.”

Ian King, business director of engineering and manufacturing at DHL commented: “Manufacturers recognise that there is room for further improvement in their supply chain, but it seems that one area they might be overlooking is the impact that improving supply chain efficiency can have on their bottom line.

“There is a fine line between balancing customer expectations with your supply chain’s capacity - it’s an area that needs constant fine-tuning, especially given the spotlight on UK manufacturing to help rebalance the economy.”