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Printing perfection

Printing perfection

05/03/2012 | Channel: Technology, Business

The Alderson Print Group is shaping its own future through strong investments and exciting new contract agreements

It was in 1963 that a pair of brothers from the West of London, Peter and Ron Alderson, first established what would go on to be one of the UK’s leading print service providers. Still very much a family-run business, The Alderson Print Group now employs more than 200 staff at its extensive facility in South West London and turns over in excess of £25 million a year. Through its commitment to investing in its people and its cutting edge print technologies the company has attained a glowing reputation for its capacity and capabilities, and has been on the receiving end of multiple industry awards.

Certified toISO 9001:2007 international quality management system standards, the company’s environmental management is certified to ISO 14001:2004. Additionally its web, sheet fed, POS and digital divisions have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) accreditation, underlining its commitment to sourcing paper from sustainably managed forests.

“Due to its print capacity and range, The Alderson Print Group has managed to establish a presence in a number of markets including the service, retail, entertainment and packaging industries where it has a large array of blue chip clients,” states Amanda Syson, chief executive officer. “In 2011 the company announced the latest in a long line of contracts with the winning of a multi-million pound tender from Microsoft. In the time since it has also added further contracts to its portfolio and it looks forward to announcing these individually in the months to come.”

The two-year print contract with Microsoft involves the supply of all its marketing and operational print, direct mail and point of sale materials. Subject to a highly strict tender process, the key factors in securing Microsoft as a client included the levels of visibility and added value services The Alderson Print Group could offer through the intelligent leveraging of its combined capabilities, all from one site.

“Over the years the company has consistently delivered exceptional service levels and this has allowed it to concentrate on improving its solutions,” Amanda highlights. “As you can imagine, Microsoft is a truly professional, and rightfully demanding, client and it is this fact that drives The Alderson Print Group to deliver a continuously better service. As a company it welcomes the challenges that come with contracts such as this one with open arms because, ultimately, they help to drive change and innovation.”

The Alderson Print Group is a complete print solutions business, delivering and exceeding client expectations through its wholly owned manufacturing facility: “At its core the company believes strongly that, as a manufacturer, it can deliver service and quality in a way that no simple print management company can,” Amanda continues. “This also enables it to offer sharper service level agreements, greater control and the ability to facilitate innovation on behalf of its clients.”

Critical to the company’s ongoing success is its relationship with not only these clients, but also its suppliers. Able to identify the opportunities a healthy and strong supply chain offers all parties involved, The Alderson Print Group operates a lean methodology. This means that everything the company does is carefully measured and interrogated from its client’s perspective. Each of its suppliers plays a crucial role in making this methodology so effective, bringing to the table their integrity, service and innovation.

In August 2011, the company announced the installation of a Redline 2100, the UK’s largest, faster and most technically advanced semi-automatic, flatbed die cutting machine: “The specific reason for this investment is to enable the company to die-cut two-metre sheets printed on its KBA 205 sheet fed press,” Amanda explains. “What the Redline 2100 also does is shorten lead times for the company’s POS offering, therefore enabling a quicker response time, for its clients, in response to their competitors initiatives.”

All developments and investments made by The Alderson Print Group are made with the clear objective of driving value and improving on the service it provides all of its clients. Recently it has purchased a KBA Rapida 106, a system that complements its existing KBA205, 162 and 106 presses, and a LogoTronic system that allows the company to integrate digital networking across all four KBA presses into a central management information system. This is a company that keeps an open-mind when it comes to exciting new products and solutions, while also planning its future using what it calls the ‘515 rule’, which is a five-year plan for 15 years of growth. This helps it to maintain a focus on what its clients want and need not just today, but tomorrow as well.

Blessed with an array of loyal clients and a portfolio of solutions that the market craves, The Alderson Print Group is aware that today’s printing industry Groupenvironment calls for companies to have the ability to think long term: “A far too common phrase heard in the market in recent times is ‘the death of print’, but a phrase that would be more appropriate to what is occurring would be ‘the death of the unprepared’. The challenges companies within the industry face are that they must be able to think long-term and be prepared for all possibilities and eventualities.

“Central to The Alderson Print Group’s plans is its aim to bring more innovative solutions to the forefront, achieving considerable company growth in the process. The company wants to be recognised throughout the industry as the leading print management manufacturer and a natural partner of choice for any and all potential clients. As has been the trend for much of its illustrious history, this will be achieved through its state-of-the-art technology, its lean methodology and its unrivalled, exceptional dedication to quality service,” Amanda concludes.

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