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A safer solution

A safer solution

02/08/2010 | Channel: Business

Having estatablished itself as an inspiratiation for safe waste treateatment in Denmark, Kommunekemi is set to expand its interests in foreign climes

With an impressive history based on being the first treatment plant for hazardous waste in the whole of Denmark, Kommunekemi is now a leading name in its field of waste treatment and reducing environmental impact. The company boasts the widest range of treatment services in the market and is continuously adding and improving its offering in line with customer demand and the progress of the industry. Founded in 1971, the organisation has generations of experience in utilising and recycling a wide range of waste products from industry, institutions and households in the public, as well as the private sectors. Having created a reputation for the treatment of oil and chemical waste, Kommunekemi is forever investigating new markets and has invested hugely in new incineration plants, storage and reception facilities throughout the years to ensure flexibility and its position as a competent co-operation partner at all levels of waste management.

Environmentally unsafe waste is of special concern throughout the industry and the company has a number of distinct aims to solve the waste problems of the future. The business aims to maximise the value of hazardous waste, detoxify the waste cycle for compounds and develop environmentally friendly and cost-efficient technologies through its strategic know-how and experience of its 200 knowledgeable staff. Its wide and comprehensive client base has come to expect state-of-the-art treatments certified to all critical standards, high capacity storage and treatment facilities, treatment assurance, competitive prices - especially for sea transport, an overall package of customised solutions and a guaranteed focus on the environment, as well as individual advice regarding portfolio, permissions and declarations.

As a complete provider of waste handling solutions, Kommunekemi’s facilities are some of the best in the market and the overall process covers numerous key stages of treatment. The company’s capabilities include drum-emptying systems for liquid or solid waste, an oil treatment plant, tank yard, research and test centre, incineration plant, inorganic plant, flue gas cleaning plant, reception plant for liquid waste and a processing plant for straw ashes. The incineration plants for organic matter have an overall waste capacity of over 180,000 tonnes a year. As the largest processing section of Kommunekemi’s offering, several methods are used in the feeding process depending on waste and consistency. For example, solid, packed waste is led directly into the rotary kiln by either the drum-emptying or elevator system, while solid, unpacked waste is loaded by crane. Containers of manual sorted waste are tipped directly by crane into the rotary kiln, which is equipped with lances to inject liquid waste and support fuel for swift incineration. Combustion takes place at 1250°C and the energy from this process is utilised for electricity and district heating via the closed circuit steam boiler and turbine.
A dedication to quality and efficiency throughout ensures the smooth running and monitoring of all stages of waste treatment, avoiding any blockages or delays in the system. The pioneering research and test element of Kommunekemi is designed to carrying out the investigation of alternative treatment methods for environmentally hazardous waste types. The goal for the centre is to develop technologies and improve opportunities, especially focusing on increased utilisation and recycling. Emissions from any test installations are sent to the company’s incineration plants to further promote recycling within the industry.

One of the most important developments in the company’s 39-year history occurred at the end of last year when EQT Infrastructure acquired Kommunekemi for an enterprise value of 260 million DKK on the 20th October 2009. Having recognised the continued strong growth and potential of the company, EQT is hoping to focus on the enhancement of Kommunekemi as a responsible company, protecting the environment and treating hazardous waste in an environmentally sound way and producing sustainable energy. This is the second major investment for EQT and its first in the Nordic region having agreed to buy the company from the Local Government of Denmark (LGDK), the Municipality of Copenhagen and the Municipality of Frederiksberg. Speaking at the time, Erik Fabrin, chairman of the LGDK commented: “We have, after a thorough process, come to the conclusion that EQT Infrastructure will be the best possible owner to take Kommunekemi to the next level both with regards to continued development of the already leading quality plant, but also to grow Kommunekemi internationally.”

Following this strategic move, the company is set to not only cement its position as the leading Danish company for the safe treatment of hazardous waste and waste with an environmental impact, but its influence will be felt and example followed by peers in international waters over the coming years.

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