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Not the same rubbish

Not the same rubbish

02/08/2010 | Channel: Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering

GeesinkNorba has developed the world’s first electric refuse co llection vehicle and it is set to revolutionise the European market

Waste management is a thriving and competitive market, one that is at the core of a country’s social environment, and one that is in constant change. With waste disposal regulations becoming tougher in response to growing awareness of environmental issues, it has become important for companies, councils and households alike to consider the most effective means of waste disposal.

As Europe’s top manufacturer of waste management products, GeesinkNorba offers a wide selection of vehicles to fulfil many different needs. It produces a full range of rear loader sizes, vertically or horizontally split multi-fraction units, front loaders and side loaders, plus a complete range of static and portable compactors. These are used throughout domestic, commercial and industrial environments. The company also offers complementary services such as operator training, equipment maintenance and 24-hour technical support in an effort to provide its customers with the most comprehensive assistance available.

GeesinkNorba’s vehicles and compactors are engineered to be tough, durable and lightweight whilst complying with stringent EU safety standards and CE regulations. This means operators can rely on their equipment daily, with minimal downtime and maximum functionality providing reduced costs. It also leads the field in research and development, creating technologically advanced machines that meet the increasingly complex desires of the market. One excellent example of this is the company’s recently developed plug-in electric refuse collection vehicle (RCV), whose registration plate LCO2 LOW reflects its eco-friendly credentials. It was developed in conjunction with Volvo Trucks and Veolia Environmental Services.

This world-first battery-powered system was launched in May 2009 and is an innovative new approach to waste management. The vehicle was designed to accomplish reduction in three key areas: diesel consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs. It has achieved these objectives through a diesel and electric parallelhybrid technology engine. Two separate but linked energy sources, one diesel and one electric, can be used individually or co-operatively allowing each source to be used where it is most efficient: the electric motor at low revs and the diesel engine at higher revs. In addition to a 30 per cent saving in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, the vehicle also functions at an almost silent level of noise. This benefits vehicle operators and allows refuse collection to be undertaken during any time of day without disturbance to residents.

It has consequently won Vehicle of the Year, a prestigious title from the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) in its Awards for Environmental Excellence, and been shortlisted in the UK National Recycling Awards 2010. After six years of development and trials in Sweden, the RCV has been adopted in the UK by Westminster Council as part of a two-year pilot scheme that could later see it spread throughout the whole of Britain.
GeesinkNorba has a history of excellence in health and safety standards. All of its equipment meets the tough legislation laid out by the European Union and complies with all CE regulations. Innovations such as visual – rather than lingual – indicators mean GeesinkNorba machines can be safely operated regardless of the user’s language. This is particularly important in the multilingual workforce that many of its customers employ. The proven effectiveness of its safety systems has seen many of the company’s innovations being incorporated into EU standards.

The company is headquartered in Emmeloord, in the Netherlands, but has service centres and mounting facilities across Europe including a major mounting facility in Llantrisant, Wales. After operating as an arm of US-based OshKosh Corporation for eight years GeesinkNorba was acquired in July 2009 by mergers and acquisitions firm Platinum Equity whose aim is to establish GeesinkNorba as a standalone entity. Despite its acquisition during a difficult financial period, Platinum Equity has helped GeesinkNorba overcome its financial troubles by reducing inventory expenditure and minimising outstanding capital in the supply chain. Re-structuring the supply chain by optimising logistic concepts and the help of the supply chain partners led further to a healthy cost level. Coupled with major ordersof the electric RCV from countries such as Spain, France and previously mentioned UK, GeesinkNorba has once again started turning a profit in 2010.

Part of its customer service protocol sees GeesinkNorba offering tailor-made, flexible solutions in a variety of its services. The company can offer operator training specific to the technical ability of the workforce and give this training at a customer-chosen location; its Equip Maintenance programme, a scheme providing expert maintenance and repair, is versatile in its payment options and contract periods; and if a customer needs help in determining what chassis would be best suited for their needs Geesink Norba will not only help inform this decision but procure and deliver the vehicle as well.

Refuse collection is a rapidly changing industry but GeesinkNorba maintains a leading edge by adapting to the needs of customers and the demands of the market. Investment into greener technology that is not only environmentally friendly but also cost saving to its operators builds a clear future for the company.

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