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Ready to comply

02/08/2010 | Channel: Manufacturing

Atrion International announced its support of REACH Annex II Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with the release of its Intelligent Authoring (IA) version 4.2.

The new version enables the creation of Extended SDS, supplemented with translated Exposure Scenarios in all European languages and SDS with the new required formats and content to support the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation.

“Atrion’s swift response to REACH Annex II, validates Atrion’s ability to meet the ever changing global compliance requirements,” said Liv Marthe Føllesdal, SDS co-ordinator Europe and REACH core team member at Dynea.

REACH Annex II (Commission Regulation No. 453/2010 amending Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006) outlines new details for compliance with regulations specifying format and content of SDS in Europe and the requirements for manufacturers to create Extended SDS.

In addition, REACH Annex II introduces format and content requirements for the CLP Regulation, providing substances manufactures a new SDS template to reclassify and communicate hazards under a new classification scheme.

IA 4.2 also enables the creation of Chinese SDS in line with GB 13690-2009 on classification and hazard communication and GB 15258-2009 on labelling. Both standards consist in the UN GHS implementation in China. With this addition, IA provides global companies the ability to be ‘ready to comply’ as China, one of the world’s largest markets, completes its regulation implementation plan.