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Protecting its assets

Protecting its assets

18/02/2008 | Channel: Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering

KAEFER IKM’s strengths lay in its efficient supply chain and ability to act locally

KAEFER IKM is a first-class insulation company that provides the entire range of services including thermal and noise, surface and fire protection to the oil and gas industry, as well as interior outfitting, access management and scaffolding. KAEFER IKM focuses on the development of cost-effective solutions, high HSE standards and punctual deliveries managed through close relationships with suppliers. The systematic integration of technologies and optimisation of installation processes are central to its operation.

KAEFER IKM is a subsidiary of the German Kaefer Group, which has a turnover of 1.1 billion euros, 11,000 employees and is established in 41 countries worldwide.As its Norwegian branch, KAEFER IKM focuses on business opportunities in selected countries with major suppliers such as Aibel,Aker- Kværner and Rosenberg. It is currently involved in large projects such as Snøhvit, Alvheim, the Statfjord late life project, Tjeldbergodden and the modification of living quarters at Gullfaks B, ULA and Ekofisk.

“KAEFER IKM's parent company was founded in 1918 and, coming from a background of thermal insulation and interior outfitting of ships, KAEFER IKM was established in 1977.We've expanded, especially during the last four years, to become a leading company within the oil and gas sector,” says managing director Karsten Gudmundset. “Our headquarters are in Stavanger,Norway, and we're responsible for oil and gas in Norway, Canada and Northwest Russia.We have two primary markets - the maintenance modification market on and offshore, and the greenfield market with regards to new construction of oil and gas facilities such as onshore plants or platforms. Within those segments, we supply project management, engineering and execution capabilities within insulation, surface protection, asset management and interior outfitting. Our prilary customers are main contractors and oil companies such as StatoilHydro, ConocoPhillops, BP, Shell and Marathon Oil.”

The organisation's activities within insulation can be broadly grouped into four areas; heat, cold, fire and noise. These challenging areas place high demands on materials and design, calling for sophisticated insulation measures in diverse areas. The cold chain, for example, stretches uninterrupted from the producer to the consumer, and involves refrigeration ships, cold storage rooms, ripening chambers, deep-freezers for freezing foods and freeze-drying processes.

KAEFER IKM offers highly-qualified engineers within its trade areas who frequently get involved with client's project organisations.New and challenging production processes in the oil and gas industry require innovative solutions so KAEFER IKM works constantly to satisfy requirements. Besides developing its processes, KAEFER IKM is growing its target markets and experienced notable growth in Canada throughout 2007.“Market developments have been in the onshore oil and gas business in Alberta, Canada.We've been working on that for 18 months and it will provide a platform for further progress,” explains Karsten. “We have other improvements ongoing as we're developing our engineering capabilities so we can gain access to new market segments and clients. We have people in Australia, Spain and the UK so we'll see a continued expansion over the coming years that will include experienced construction management, which will be a big boost.”

Karsten believes that progressive growth, with appropriate acquisitions, has allowed KAEFER IKM to flourish: “Our success is due to our development strategy and business activities and analysis. This will continue as we focus on developments in Canada, India, China and Northwest Russia, commence development in Kazakhstan and reinforce our operation in Norway.Acquisitions have played a significant part and our current growth strategy focuses on entering new areas or countries by using new additions as a foundation for further progression.We refer to that as 'applying the Kaefer turbo'.”

With such ambitious plans for the future, KAEFER's biggest challenge is overcoming a shortage of skilled workers, although it has 2500 people employed at the Stavanger office. “There's a shortage of experienced personnel and that applies to most oil and gas regions worldwide,” reveals Karsten. “That's definitely a challenge but we're in a strong position as we have attracted staff from other companies, in addition to developing our own personnel.”

KAEFER IKM's strengths lay in its efficient supply chain and ability to act locally, considering its sizable international network. Kartsen says: “We're financially strong and have a good corporate structure.We're established as a global company but we think locally and have good tools for the execution of contracts, as well as capable project management. In terms of our supply chain, we team up with co-operating partners and ensure they contribute to our overall competitiveness.We select partners in various regions that we stay with for a long period of time, providing that they meet our overall goals regarding HSE and efficiency, as longterm relationships are key.”

Kaefer IKM is expanding its project business to include high-profile product and system solutions and Karsten defines HSE as the company's most important area of focus, which is why the company's management visits the sites on a regular basis to closely follow activities: “Our aim is to further develop internationally, reinforce the human capital in the company and maintain a very high HSE standard. A key contributing factor to our success has been our high HSE standards, as well as our reputation in the market to always deliver the project.”

Kaefer IKM
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