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Leading the way

Leading the way

02/01/2012 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging, Automotive

Barloworld Hanfdling offers the widest range of lift trucks in the industry

Barloworld Handling is the world’s largest independent lift truck dealer with some 42,000 trucks under maintenance contract. It offers customers a full range of integrated equipment and service solutions throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, including locations as diverse as Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Southern Africa and the South Eastern US.

In the Netherlands, Barloworld Handling is the exclusive distributor of Hyster forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. With the largest range in the market and a nationwide service and support network, Barloworld Handling has 140 employees with knowledge of Barloworld solutions, all trained and experienced with the different challenges that materials handling can bring.

It is this highly trained team that enables Barloworld to fulfil its vision of ‘creating added value for its customers through quality service and innovation’. With decades of experience in handling various industries, Barloworld can help customers to maximise their lift truck fleet and warehouse space in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The company’s success is underpinned by its unique partnership with Hyster. Hyster, as a global full range lift truck manufacturer, is focused on its core competency of designing and building market leading equipment to fulfil the needs of different customer applications. The company has grown into one of the world’s largest lift truck manufacturers with happy and loyal customers across the globe. The company invests millions of dollars each year into its research and development plan so that its range continues to evolve, take advantage of the latest technology and perfectly match customer needs.

Barloworld Handling is the world’s largest independent Hyster lift truck dealer, offering its customers the full range of lift trucks and warehouse/handling equipment. It has represented this market-leading brand for 80 years and has leveraged the strength of the brand by leading the market in the introduction of innovative solutions that meet its manufacturing and distribution industry customers’ materials handling needs.

The success of this unique partnership has been so profound that both companies have grown to become global powers. The individual strengths of each company compliment the other and benefit customers through superb materials handling equipment and support solutions.

In addition to this unique partnership, another of the secrets of Barloworld Handling’s success is its appreciation of the fact that the investment in trucks and/or warehouse equipment is only a small part of total costs for internal transport. Therefore the company offers a range of additional services, that mean customers can source the best possible financing and composition of their fleet, maximise productivity and minimise downtime. Barloworld aims to provide everything necessary to help keep clients’ internal transport costs as low as possible.
This includes tools such as Fleet Flex, maintenance and inspection, finance and leasing, short term rental, used vehicle, spare parts and driver training.

Another one of Barloworld Handling’s strengths is its years of international experience in providing appropriate solutions for different industries. The transport and storage of goods in each industry has specific needs, constraints and priorities, and Barloworld understands these issues and can advise on the best solution for an individual challenge.

A perfect example of this is a very recent contract that was fulfilled for Waalhaven Barge Centre, one of the three terminals of the Waalhaven group used for ‘short sea’ and inland container transportation in Rotterdam. This cost efficient terminal is strategically located between the city and the Delta and has a capacity of 200,000 TEUs, meaning it is able to handle large numbers of containers.

Barloworld has recently installed a brand new RS 45-31CH Hyster reach stacker to the Centre. The machine is used for loading and unloading containers from trucks and to prepare special containers. The engines on this model deliver the same performance at much lower fuel consumption as traditional trucks, and this saves considerable costs on an annual basis. Besides fuel, the service reaction times were also very important criteria for the purchase of a Hyster truck from Barloworld. Furthermore, the preference of the drivers played a major role, as after all they are the ones who ultimately have to do the work!

This contract is just one of three significant new deals that were completed as recently as November 2011. In early November Barloworld completed quick turnaround on materials handling equipment for Docdata, a full service e-commerce company located in Waalwijk. Docdata had experienced rapid growth in a very short time, and as a result had created a large new warehouse. Barloworld was called upon to supply approximately ten trucks and other ancillary warehouse equipment.

For the interim period between the ordering process and delivery of the machines, Docdata was given access to a number of short-term rental trucks from Barloworld’s wide fleet. This meant Docdata experienced no operational issues, and its business continuity was not affected.

The new Hyster fleet at Docdata includes two Matrix reach trucks, two electric three-wheel trucks from the successful JXNT series and some electric pallet trucks. The two reach trucks are equipped with special cameras and masts that allow pallets to be cleared at high heights without a problem.

In addition to these new contracts, several long-term contracts have been signed for 2012, to help guarantee further growth and stability for the organisation.

Reflecting these sorts of successful contract wins, and going against the gloomy state of the global economy at the present time, Barloworld Handling was able to report greatly improved financial performance for the year ended September 2011, with divisional revenue rising £362 million. Barloworld Handling’s operations in the UK, Europe and Southern Africa all recorded double digit improvements in revenue and a return to operating profits.

Barloworld Handling’s parent company, Barloworld Ltd, also reported impressive year-end results with annual revenue up 22 per cent to £3.8 billion. Barloworld Ltd is a large multinational corporation with representation in 41 countries and provides world-class solutions in the industrial equipment, automotive and logistics sectors across the globe.

As a focused multinational corporation, which comprises operations with a common strategic profile that collectively meet exacting performance standards, Barloworld Ltd is driven by the maxim of creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders. The group offers its global customer base integrated business solutions backed by leading international brands.

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