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Opening the way

Opening the way

02/01/2012 | Channel: Manufacturing, Construction

Building upon its success in Russia and Qatar last year, REINÆRDT Deuren BV is enhancing its international reputation as an expert in door solutions

With a range of approximately 10,000 high quality doors to its name, REINÆRDT Deuren offers almost unlimited solutions to its clients’ door requirements. “Our service demand lies in the total door solution,” highlights Ronald Van Rijn, head of export at REINÆRDT. “We manufacture our own wooden doors and frames, as well as purchasing steel and other material types from our specialist suppliers. We are able to offer a number of different functionalities from burglar prevention, to fire protection and soundproofing, with a variety of finishes including veneers, laminates, and colours.”

This expertise has been developed over a history that dates back more than 25 years, when REINÆRDT was first established in the Netherlands, and today is recognised in a production volume of nearly half a million doors and mounting frames per year. Alongside the doors and frames themselves, REINÆRDT can also support customers in the provision of hinges and latches and locks – all backed by its expertise in translating design into a finished article.

This production is carried out between REINÆRDT’s two facilities in the Netherlands and the north of Germany. The latter is a more recent acquisition following a strategic decision to try and gain a presence on the German purchasing market. As such, REINÆRDT became a part owner of EDCO Türen GmbH in Saterland in 2005, before gaining full ownership two years later.

This modern production facility has an industrial area of around 10,000 square metres offering an advanced range of wooden doors, window and glass doors, with a particular focus on the more unusual requirements or sizes for doors. REINÆRDT Türen is also the only division within the business to offer solutions for partition walls made of glass and wood. It is also home to a second production unit – Sanitär Elements Saterland (SES), which manufactures partitions for wet areas, showers and changing rooms.

Being able to work with such combinations of materials, functionality and shapes, means that REINÆRDT’s comprehensive engineering department works with customers in a number of sectors, such as housing, residential care, and utilities. It is here that the technological investment that the business has placed into its facilities shows its worth, as REINÆRDT can even change the specifications of a product just minutes before it passes through the machining process.

At all times the client is at the centre of REINÆRDT’s thinking. As such the company continues to look for the latest sustainable solutions, development, innovation, training, and best raw materials. Ronald highlights some of the other reasons behind REINÆRDT’s enviable market reputation: “Number one is our reliability without a doubt. Quality is another important factor, particularly as we can offer this in various stages from low through medium to high quality in line with customer requirements, and budgets.” With its products applied internationally, REINÆRDT adheres to the highest applicable European standards, including those specified by DIN and BS. The company can also supply doors that achieve the specific characteristics of renowned testing laboratories such as Efectis, Peutz, Schlösser und Beschläge Prüfinstitut Velbert, and Otto-Graf-Institut Universität Stuttgart.

Last year saw REINÆRDT complete a number of key international contracts including the provision of doors and door frames to the world’s largest oncology centre, based in Moscow. In January 2010 the company also began the execution and installation of a contract for a highly prestigious convention centre in Doha, Qatar, for completion just a few months later. Whilst the economic downturn has clearly made an impact on the European markets that REINÆRDT has traditionally operated in, its ability to forge new partnerships globally, with both clients and suppliers, has given it a strong footing in these uncertain times.

“Our market share is split between our two home markets of Holland and Germany at around 70/20 per cent, alongside our global export to countries like north Africa, Asia and Russia, which is the other ten per cent,” explains Ronald. “At present we do not foresee any growth within our home markets, therefore it has been especially important that we increase the export activities of the business in order to achieve a turnover on the level of last year.

“In this vein, we are currently achieving particular success in Qatar and Russia, and expect this to remain strong into the future. This growth has been down to our ability to identify parties working within the renovation business in industries such as hospitals, and serving the requirements of the architects through our speciality in certified doors,” he concludes.

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