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Single source supplier

Single source supplier

02/01/2012 | Channel: Business, Manufacturing

ICL Fertilizers' global family of integrated business ensures that customers receive the highest quality, competitive pricing and responsive sales and support

As one of the world’s largest fertilizer companies, each year ICL Fertilizers produces approximately five million tonnes of potash at Dead Sea Works, Israel; Iberpotash, Spain; and at Cleveland Potash, UK. The four million tonnes of rock phosphate mined at the Zin, Arad and Oron mines in Israel are used for the production of 1.7 million tonnes of granular fertilizers and 550,000 tonnes P2O5 of phosphoric acid. Furthermore, ICL Fertilizers’ phosphate mining operations in Israel, along with its fertilizer production facilities at Rotem, Israel, ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH and ICL Fertilizers Europe CV, create a wide array of phosphate fertilizers.

Together, these companies provide a range of products for upgrading essential plant nutrients. These include Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur, combined with micronutrients and applied directly, through irrigation systems or by spraying plant foliage.

ICL Fertilizers also offers specialty fertilizers for the growing modern agricultural arena, such as drip irrigation, greenhouses, and so forth. Its soluble fertilizers are responding to the need of higher yields and better quality per cultivated land and to the growing scarce of water and arable land. These specialties are marketed by ICL Specialty Fertilizers. The commitment of ICL to developing its specialty fertilizers business was shown recently by the acquisition of the Scotts Professional business and Fuentes in Spain.

ICL Fertilizers Europe handles the entire operation of the ICL Fertilizers Group in Europe, including production, logistics and trade. ICL Fertilizers Europe is responsible for the well being of its European customers and is in charge of all the European facilities, which include the potash production sites in the UK and Spain, as well as the fertilizer production sites of ICL Fertilizers Europe CV (Amsterdam and Ludwigshafen).

Operating as a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, ICL Fertilizers Europe CV produces a broad range of granular and powder fertilizer products from a high-capacity, multi-purpose plant in Amsterdam. Over the years, it has consistently built its capacity, flexibility and responsiveness to meet its sophisticated customers’ and changing needs.

In the 1980s, ICL Fertilizers Europe CV offered only a single product. Today, it manufactures and ships over 90 tailor-made P, PK and NPK products to European farmers who require high-quality fertilization, precisely matched to their crops.

Timely delivery of these products is critical - and the plant in Amsterdam is ideally situated, with convenient access to all means of transportation, from sea-going vessels and coasters to barges and trucks. It also benefits from the many-shared synergies of the other ICL Fertilizers businesses in Europe - so that the company can provide its customers with enhanced production, storage and delivery options.

As a member of the ICL Group, ICL Fertilizers also has access to one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural minerals, including 35 per cent of the world’s bromine. The Group also holds exclusive rights to extract the unique mineral resources found in the Dead Sea and Rotem plateau. A high level of interaction between all members of the ICL Group allows for the environmentally sound practice of sharing unused elements that are turned from raw materials into new products. In addition, an extensive transportation and logistics network supports ICL’s marketing and sales worldwide.

One of the foremost items on ICL Fertilizer’s agenda is care for the environment. Not only are its production facilities certified to ISO 9001 to ensure the highest standards, but also the company is approved to the ISO 14001 standard, to reassure customers and suppliers of its environmental credentials.

In a recent initiative, ICL’s GHG Centre of Excellence led a comprehensive data collection and reporting initiative of ICL’s Corporate Carbon Footprint to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This is the world’s largest body in the GHG emissions reporting field, which collects Carbon Footprint data from some 3000 companies around the world, and serves more than 550 investors holding $71 trillion in assets.

ICL was awarded 90 (out of 100) in its Disclosure Score. This is the seventh highest result amongst the chemical companies worldwide, positioning ICL within the CDP’s Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), an exclusive short list of companies
that extraordinarily excel in the climate change adaptation field.

This amazing result highlights the company’s dedication to the environment, and green approach to working. On the European side, ICL Fertilizers Europe has implemented the Responsible Care programme. As a result, it is committed to continuous improvement in environment, health and safety issues, as well as transparency toward customers, the community and the public.

The Responsible Care philosophy fits into ICL’s approach because it follows similar principles to its products and services, which are created to make life better for people around the world - both today and tomorrow. Responsible Care ensures that the company makes continuous progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment and publicly reports its global health, safety and environmental performance.

ICL Fertilizers Europe’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by setting up a research programme to reuse secondary sources of phosphate, a raw material for fertilizer production. The programme has already delivered very promising results and further plant testing at ICL Fertilizers Europe CV is already taking place. ICL Fertilizers Europe CV is confident that it will be able to replace phosphate rock in its process in the future and has committed itself by signing a so-called ‘green deal’ with the Ministry of Environment in the Netherlands.

Overall, the entire Group is adopting a green policy, which is manifested in recycling, green construction and reduced usage of natural resources. As part of
this policy implementation, it was decided to certificate ICLs’ plants and sites with an internal certification, which embodies the standards of a green policy. A special committee detailed 25-30 criteria for the plants to be scored on in order to get the ‘Green Plant Certification’.

The main goals of this process were: embracing sustainable development principals, encouraging environmental involvement, and focusing on ‘green policy’ in future decision making processes. Over the coming years, ICL is determined to ensure that being green is part of its nature.

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