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Terminal velocity

Terminal velocity

06/06/2011 | Channel: Business

A part of a global terminal network, Vopak Chemical
Terminals Belgium is focused on remaining a market leader

Responsible for operating three terminals in Belgium, Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium makes up just under half of the Vopak Chemical Terminals Benelux network. Specialising in providing services to specific chemicals markets and the investment in product dedicated logistics infrastructure, the company’s strength lies in its combination of industry experience and its well-trained staff who adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. Vopak, as a worldwide organisation, is the leading independent storage provider for bulk liquids. Its aim is to contribute to optimising the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ regional and global supply chain processes. To achieve this the group leverages its network of storage terminals around the world alongside its 400 years of collective experience, its logistics, its storage specific know-how and its solution driven attitude.

Vopak’s mission to become the most admired independent storage company is defined by its three core pillars of business. The first is growth leadership, which is achieved through the expansion of existing terminals, developing terminals in new geographical areas that can handle also handle new products and completing mergers and acquisitions. This strategy is implemented through internal programmes that teach the importance of making Vopak a services company that sets new standards in safety, operations and customer service while always being driven by excellence.

“The primary service of the terminals here in Belgium is the tank storage of various liquid products, chemicals and oils for a vast number of manufacturers, many of which are global players in their respective fields,” states Guy Keymolen, commercial manager of Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium.

In total the company has a capacity of around 750,000 cubic metres spread across its terminals, a third of which is allocated to the storage of oil products. The oldest of the three sites is Terminal Eurotank, which, at close to 480,000 cubic metres, is also the largest. With 184 tanks and berth space for six barges and two vessels, Eurotank handles crude, petroleum products, chemicals and bio diesel and provides services including blending, heating, chilling, weighing and nitrogen blanketing.

Terminal ACS went into operation in the 1970s, is today made up of 126 tanks and provides vessel, barge, rail and truck access. Providing the same range of services as Terminal Eurotank, Terminal ACS is specialised solely in storing and handling chemical products. Terminal Linkeroever is the newest addition to Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium’s operations, opening in July 2008. At 140,000 cubic metres it houses 78 tanks that come in mild, coated and stainless steel and temperature-controlled types.

“Vopak is the global leader in tank storage with almost 28 million cubic metres of tank storage facility space across the world, so it goes without saying that it knows how to professionally and efficiently operate terminals,” Guy says, pointing out the strengths of the company. “Any other company can build and store tanks, what sets Vopak apart is its focus on safety and delivering excellent service. Another strength is the global network the company has at its disposal. It is able to offer solutions in over 30 countries and this Belgiumappeals to global businesses with needs that are met no matter where the products go.”

To meet both the domestic and international needs of its customers, Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium has been making considerable investments in its assets and facilities: “A significant amount has been invested in the two older terminals and this has been done to showcase the belief we have in the industry and the belief we have in maintaining a role as a logistics service provider, operating as an integral part of the supply chain of our customers,” Guy continues.

The moves to upgrade and invest in the company’s infrastructure are closely linked with the growth plans it has for the next five years: “The ambition is to maintain and increase Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium’s market share, particularly on the chemical side of operations,” Guy explains. “In 2011 the company is still the market leader, however if the last few years have shown anything, it is that in order to maintain this strong position expansion plans must remain on course. Doing this will assist the company in reaching its 30 per cent market share target by 2015. I truly believe that what is invested today will enable Vopak Chemical Terminals Belgium to still be on top ten years from now.”

Vopak Chemical Terminals, Belgium
Employees Approx 4000
Services Tank storage terminals