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    Transformation at Tilbury

    Transformation at Tilbury

    01/05/2012 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging

    The Logistics Terminal’s (TLT) transformation of one of The Port of Tilbury’s largest multimodal warehouses into a ‘Portcentric hub’ has gathered pace.

    On average, TLT is taking over 10,000 sq ft per month following significant private investment and approval from H.M Customs to operate as a Bonded Warehouse.

    Attracting interest from importers of non-perishable food and other product and those looking for a convenient place to store their goods ahead of the Olympics, growth shows no signs of slowing down. Entering into its final stages of becoming a H.M Customs approved Enhanced Remote Transit Shed (ERTS), TLT is also attracting significant interest from both importers and exporters looking to take advantage of the company’s ability to consolidate inward & outward-bound freight to & from multiple locations across the UK.

    Mike Brown, managing partner of TLT, who has over 30 years’ experience in the distribution of timber and plywood, says: “Not only can TLT provide cargo owners with a sizable bonded warehouse, as a company, we are able to significantly drive down distribution costs.

    “Our port centric set-up enables cargo owners to gain control of both supplychain
    costs by limited handling and the timely delivery of their goods at the most cost effective prices. Carbon emissions are also significantly reduced by quickly offloading the container at the Port. The empty container is immediately returned to the Exporting Berth, also allowing shipping lines to achieve a faster turnaround.

    “Additionally, we offer a complete logistics solution for onward delivery of de-vanned products. This includes palletised loads or parcels through a mixture of our own fleet of HGV vehicles & our partnership with the leading palletised distribution network, Pall- Ex and another 2,500 haulage companies around the UK.”