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Looking at the ‘last mile’

05/03/2012 | Channel: Logistics / Packaging

CHEP recently hosted a forum for customers in the UK to explore potential solutions to help manage platform complexity associated with the challenging ‘last mile’ of the supply chain.

The ‘last mile’ refers to the final portion of the supply chain through which a product has to travel before the retailer displays it in store. More than 20 of CHEP’s largest customers attended, representing the full spectrum of the supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors, logistics service providers and retailers.

The Last Mile Solution forum, facilitated by CHEP, provided the opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to discuss standardised approaches that reduce the complexity and inefficiency being created for manufacturers by retailers adopting their own unique handling solutions. CHEP is working with the manufacturers and the retailers to provide packaging solutions that can assist with the efficient delivery of goods in a retail-ready format.

Research conducted by CHEP between January and April 2011 from across the supply chains of 41 retailers in seven European countries identified that 24 different packaging formats and 55 different packaging product platforms are currently in use in this crucial ‘last mile’ of the supply chain. These packaging types are seeking to address the merchandising, replenishment and display requirements of the retailers.

CHEP will be hosting further Last Mile Solutions customer forums to build on this event and will continue to keep its key customers engaged on this pertinent issue.