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Well connected

01/05/2011 | Channel: Technology

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe is a global leader
in designing and supplying external network services
and central office equipment

Part of the worldwide Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe, based in Solihull, is a leading supplier of next generation telecommunications technology to network operators and service providers. Established in 1993 subsequent to a joint venture between Fujitsu and BT, the company’s long pedigree and track record has seen it supplying its products and services to the likes of BT, AOL, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Portugal Telecom, Saudi Telecom and Virgin Media.

Today the company specialises in providing integrated end-to-end access network solutions, taking full responsibility for everything from initial design to development, manufacturing, network implementation, support and ongoing management. With its technology installed in telephone exchanges and commercial premises, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe delivers broadband services to millions of homes and businesses. In the UK alone the company’s technology accounts for over eight million lines of DSL broadband, making it the country’s largest supplier of access solutions. Over the past decade the company has also been supplying and installing Fujitsu Broadband DSL and Access-SDH equipment into the BT Network as part of its ‘Broadband Britain’ initiative.

More recently Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe has seen its contract portfolio become increasingly global as a result of agreements signed to supply the likes of Saudi Telecom, Ford, Thompson-Reuters and Verizon. Such contracts come as a result of the company’s growing integration into the massive Fujitsu Corporation and this evolving business strategy has resulted in a close working relationship between Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe and its sister plant in Dallas, Texas, where, since 2008, all board level equipment is now manufactured before being staged and configured at the plant in Solihull.

Structured as a fully customer-centric business, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe is focused on dynamically solving the individual business challenges its customers face through the use of innovative technology, paired with exceptional service and support. Headquartered in Solihull, close to Birmingham, where it manages all aspects of its European and Middle Eastern operations, the company employs approximately 1100 people. Committed to the professional development of its staff, its skilled workforce is recruited from all over the world.

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe’s extensive expertise and its cutting-edge technologies can readily be applied to address a collection of network requirements, ready-to-deploy applications and in the development of bespoke solutions. Covering broadband and backhaul requirements and access network aggregation, the company’s end-to-end solutions demonstrate the flexibility of its award-winning MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node). The expertise of the company can also be utilised for the building of bespoke applications. Identifying specific technologies to create one-of-a-kind solutions to meet unique challenges, the track record of the company features the design and supply of a range of integrated voice and broadband solutions.

Additionally Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe operates a very successful and profitable Resource Recovery and Service Centre in Antrim, Northern Ireland, one of the largest product recovery and repair service providers in the UK. This centre handles the refurbishment, recovery and remanufacturing needs of carriers and OEMs from a purpose-built 25,000 square foot facility. Extensive in-house test facilities are also available and can be adapted to suit each project’s requirements. It also has offices and facilities in Lisbon, Paris and Riyadh where for the past two years it has been supplying various turnkey fibre-based solutions into Saudi Telecom.

Despite having a significant component and materials spend with worldwide suppliers such as Tyco, Infineon, Papst, Pulse, Broadcom and Zarlink, to name only a few, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe still remains loyal to its UK partners and customers, supporting the likes of CHHconex, Eurocraft Enclosures, Greenwoods, KMF and Simclar. Scoring further success with Virgin Media, handling Virgin’s network, business and consumer activities in the North East of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the company has also made recent headway in securing high profile agreements to work with Ford, BAA and Lloyds Banking.

In April 2011, Fujitsu revealed groundbreaking plans to create a superfast broadband network serving five million homes and businesses in some of the most rural parts of the UK. With Virgin Media and TalkTalk already indicating that they will use the network to supply internet services, the infrastructure will also be open to use by local authorities. Built upon existing BT underground ducting and telephone poles, the new network will offer fibre-optic cabling directly to customers, offering potential speeds in excess of 1Gbps. With this initiative picking up mainstream media attention from all the major UK news organisations, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe undoubtedly has an extremely exciting future to look forward to.

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd
Employees 1100
Products Telecommunications and broadband products and services